sometimes you got to laugh, rockwood helps.

"History does not long entrust the care
of freedom to the weak or the timid."
Dwight D. Eisenhower
(ive noticed because I tend to include a lot of photos, a tendency for my blog to sometimes need to be loaded more than once to get all the graphics to show.)

"the clear & present danger" presented by islamo supremacists, radical islam and what it wants.

We don't make a distinction between civilians and non-civilians, non-civilians, innocents and non-innocents. Only between Muslims and unbelievers. And the life of an unbeliever has no value. It has no sanctity.
-Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, head of the al Muhajiroun group in London.

Asked about his comments that he wanted to have the banner of Islam at 10 Downing Street, Muhammad said, "Yes, it's my dream. I believe one day that is going to happen. Because this is my country, I like living here."

Hussein Massawi, former leader of Hezbollah, summed it up very pithily:"We are not fighting so that you will offer us something. We are fighting to eliminate you."

"Muslim institutions, schools and economic power should be strengthened in America. Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver themessage of Islam ...... Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

Omar Ahmad Co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations

become aware find out about cair

Daniel Pipes has been researching Islam for the past three and a half decades. He directs the Middle East Forum - a Philadelphia think tank. Among his twelve books, four focus on Islam. In 2003, President Bush appointed him to the board of the U.S. Institute of Peace.
Pipes on islamofascists~~~ "militant Muslims are at war with America, not because of what America did, but because Islamists perceive themselves as being in a long-term conflict with the values of the West.
Excerpted from Arab & Iranian telecasts in March & April of this year. Available & thoughtfully subtitled by the indispensable MEMRI.
[suicide attacks] carried out by boys and girls… these redeem self-confidence and hope… because a nation that does not excel at the industry of death does not deserve life.
"The Muslim Students' Association on american campuses ~~
Queensborough Community College in New York in March 2003 "We reject the U.N., reject America, reject all law and order. Don't lobby Congress or protest because we don't recognize Congress. The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it … Eventually there will be a Muslim in the White House dictating the laws of Shariah."

Islamic fanaticism was not created by anything that we have done


Goodbye my Love,
I will carry Your memory within me,
as I await the travail of time.
Which I must cross,
before I will touch your face again.
resting in the warmth of your soul,
together again.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

another compare and contrast, which characterization of the situation in iraq holds more water?
read the bold section at the bottom of this news report from reuters, then read the contrasting report from an american soldier with boots on the ground


"Several parents of Americans serving in Iraq have come to the country to visit their children, including ones that were killed in the war that toppled Saddam.

Their presence just outside the military complex clearly made U.S. troops nervous. One arrived with a sniffer dog and firmly told Valencia to keep a distance from the main checkpoint.

"Can I talk to her?" Valencia asked before being told that Giselle had been sent on a mission to Baghdad, where her brother is also serving in the U.S. Army.

Valencia and her party were told that Giselle would be back at five o'clock. But MacDonald contradicted that claim.

"This mission has been scheduled for quite a while and you know she is a soldier. She is out performing her duty," he said.

One soldier stood by and reminded everyone that "this is a war and soldiers are sent on missions."

Giselle had spoken to her mother highly of her tour of duty in Iraq.

When a group of U.S.-trained Iraqi policemen showed up, American soldiers loaded their weapons.

"The Americans asked us to come here to stop the demonstration," said Iraqi policeman Mohanan Taha.

Asked if protests were illegal in the new Iraq, he told reporters: "There are no human rights under the Americans. Nothing. It is all empty talk."

"We miss the days of Saddam," said Iraqi policeman Mohammed Shawki.

IRAQ NOW News and commentary directly from IRAQ by US Army Officer and writer ...... Jason Van Steenwyk
Sunday, December 21, 2003
Taking Liberties

The Iraqi police brought a couple of detainees to the front gate yesterday. They also brought a note from Ar Ramadi police chief Ja’ardan explaining that they had been arrested for demonstrating against coalition forces, and he was turning them over to our custody. The guards at the front gate had phoned us and wanted to know if we were going to detain them.

“On what charge?”


“That sounds like a police matter,” I said.

“No, but they were demonstrating against coalition forces.”

“Ok. Was it a violent demonstration?”

“No. It wasn’t violent. It was a peaceful demonstration.”

“Ok. Did they come up on anybody’s wanted list?”


“Ok. That’s just not something we’d be interested in. Demonstrating is not a crime. Hand them back to the police, and unless they have something else on them, I’d recommend release.”

These Iraqis just are not getting the whole “civil liberties” thing.

posted by Jason Van Steenwyk : 08:39 EST, Sunday, December 21, 2003

interesting huh? at least its interesting to anyone with critical thinking skills.


charles at LGF found this loathsome connection, and shows the world the mentality of the nazileft jew haters of the world and the lies they tell the world, and the fact that they know what they say are lies. this should be spread far and wide, it is what all people of good will in this world are up against from our 5th column enemies within and thier colaborators like the LA times.

this from lgf
"Trent University professor Michael Neumann recently carried on an email correspondence with a foul antisemitic web site called the Jewish Tribal Review, in which he wrote:

“My sole concern is indeed to help the Palestinians, and I try to play for keeps. I am not interested in the truth, or justice, or understanding, or anything else, except so far as it serves that purpose.”

The Web site quotes Neumann as writing, “I should perhaps have said I am very interested in truth, justice and understanding, but right now I have far more interest in helping the Palestinians. I would use anything, including lies, injustice and obfuscation, to do so. If an effective strategy means that some truths about the Jews don’t come to light, I don’t care. If an effective strategy means encouraging reasonable anti-Semitism or reasonable hostility to Jews, I don’t care. If it means encouraging vicious racist anti-Semitism, or the destruction of the State of Israel, I still don’t care.”

When these remarks came to light, Neumann was forced to apologize; he should have been fired and disgraced.

But none of this matters to the Los Angeles Times, who today publish a truly loathsome commentary piece by Michael Neumann, in which he “argues” that antisemitism is A Minor Problem, Overblown. (Hat tip: Morgan.) Go read it, and keep Neumann’s own words in mind as you do. His commentary for the LA Times is very much in line with his openly antisemitic philosophy.

This is new ground for the thoroughly rotten LA Times; they have actually published a piece by an avowed antisemite, a person who admitted in writing that his strategy includes encouraging “vicious racist antisemitism” and “the destruction of the State of Israel,” and that he would use “lies, injustice and obfuscation” to do so. A person who would say such things should never be allowed to write for any credible publication; after all, he’s told you in his own words that you cannot trust what he writes!

Shame, shame, shame on the Los Angeles Times. This is indeed a new low, even for them."

thank GOD for charles and his LGF
and if you are jewish or a supporter of israel and a blogger re-post this with the links to your blog.
the bottom line, the leftwing haters dont care what they say as long as it results in the eventual distruction of israel. and realize this, if you think this doesnt matter to you, first they come for the jews then they come for the rest of us...


Saturday, December 27, 2003

I recieved this e-mail back from Martin Jacques visiting fellow, about my e-mail informing him that he was a propagandizing jackass, for writting this opinion piece for the guardian here is my note to him, of which he politely did not respond to my baiting him like the unfrozen cave man that I am but likewise he did not respond to anything that smashed his arguments.~~~~~~~~

here is my e-mail.

you are a jackass, and your use of the phrase American imperial ambition so many times bespeaks of propaganda of the first order.

what killed the kurds? kindness?

should saddam not be judged? you mock and reduce the iraqi interim government to quizling status but saddam must be held to account for his crimes, something you obviously dont want to see happen

there is much to much that is refutable in your argument, it is so overloaded with tripe that I cant beleive it wasnt published with the byline "propaganda by"

you are a dumbass.

a reader

here is Martin Jacques e-mail response

of course saddam should be held responsible for his crimes. but the us (sic U.S.) has no right to unilaterally invade a sovereign country and arbitrarily impose its own 'justice'.


well I addressed that and all of his other weakly constructed points farther down in my blog, but I will do it again, just because france (phewy) and germany did not join the U.S. did not make it unilateral. and in addition we went with many other nations support, england, poland, spain, just to name a few, so logically his argument is a sham. unilateral by any objective standard must be the U.S. completely alone. only a liberal illogical argument could ignore that.

just as his liberal propagandized argument ignores how the kurds were killed.

his world view allows only for chaos and the continued tyranny of iraq, its people,sponsership of terrorist organizations, and the constant threat of sponsored terrorism insulated specifically from american action to put an end to it.

how do I come to that conclusion? all of our direct endeavors to fight and destroy terrorist sponsorship and deny safe haven to terrorists is portrayed as imperialism by the good fellow.

sir, consider your poorly constructed propaganda smashed.


Friday, December 26, 2003

I read this at LGF, ~~Caroline Glick shows that self-destructive, empty-headed “multiculturalism” is just as rampant, and just as logically impenetrable, on campuses in Israel as it is here in the United States:(charles of LGF)

Of Intellectual Bondage. (Hat tip: zulubaby.)

"How could you report the war in Iraq if you sided with the Americans?”

“How can you say that George Bush is better than Saddam Hussein?

”These are some of the milder questions I received from an audience of some 150 undergraduate students from Tel Aviv University’s Political Science Department.

The occasion was a guest lecture I gave last month on my experiences as an embedded reporter with the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Division during the Iraq war.

Many of the students were visibly jolted by my assertion that the patriotism of American soldiers was inspirational.
The vocal ones among them were appalled when I argued that journalists must be able to make moral distinctions between good and evil, when such distinctions exist, if they wish to provide their readership with an accurate picture of the events they describe in their reports.

“Who are you to make moral judgments? What you say is good may well be bad for someone else.”
“I am a sane human being capable of distinguishing good from evil, just like every other sane human being,” I answered. “As criminal law states, you are criminally insane if you can’t distinguish between good and evil. Unless you are crazy, you should be able to tell the difference.”

poster JOEY on LGF had a very eloquent response to “Who are you to make moral judgments? What you say is good may well be bad for someone else.” which im puting below, I would just have been my usual unfrozen cavemen self and said who the fuck do I have to be, you fuckhead?

“Who are you to make moral judgments? What you say is good may well be bad for someone else.”

Alas, the left is the left no matter where they find themselves. These Israeli moral relativists are no different than any other Marxist fud spouting the tired old clap trap line, "someone's terrorist is someone else's freedom fighter". This convenient artifice provides them, they think, with moral superiority as well as the luxury of not having to commit to a position.

This is the kind of philosophical fraud that, carried to it's logical conclusion, would have Dr. Mengeleh's "patients" wondering if they should or should not scream out in agony during one of his experimental procedures lest they are seen as casting doubt on the legitimacy of the good doctor's experiments......after all, the knowledge garnered from them may be helpful to future generations.

Someone's torture subject is someone else's lab rat.


Martin Jacques is a visiting fellow at the London School of Economics Asian Research Centre and a completely propagandizing tool. he has spewed out more crap in one article than a porta pottie at a dead concert. im surprised the byline didnt read "propaganda by"

because lets face it if you have to repeat the phrase "American imperial power" or American imperial ambition" about a dozen times your a propagandist of the first order.

A year of thwarted ambition

War in Iraq revealed the likely limits to American imperial power

Martin Jacques
Saturday December 27, 2003
The Guardian

lets disect his crap, because propaganda is easily shredded especially when it comes from pompous self congratualatory academics.

"First, American unilateralism has come at a price. ........Few would have thought that France and Germany would have had the courage or independence of mind and spirit to oppose the US, but that is exactly what they did."

first thats crap shredded by the fact that we had britain, poland, spain, and many other countries with us, just because france which had its own agenda and germany both of which would have gone against us no matter what, didnt come with us does not mean we moved unilaterly. and trying to foil us does not mean they were couragous, and his implication is that it was the right thing to do to keep saddam in power. moral bankruptcy at its zenith.

"Nor should we forget the manner in which the invasion has polarised public opinion in the vast majority of the countries of the world - including those nations like Italy, Spain, Japan and South Korea, whose governments supported the coalition partners - against the US, such that it is now more unpopular than it has ever been in the theatre of global opinion."

so what?? we should care what morally vacuous navel gazing antisemetic eurotrash thinks of our self defense? we should have just done nothing and let evil be victorious? oh right I forgot, thats exactly what idiot eurotrash wants. we should have just layed down and died so they would have loved us...

As time has passed, and the intensity of the opposition has grown,

wrong we are prevailing and the saddamites are being destroyed it is not growing.

Iraq has already demonstrated that American public opinion does not have the stomach for a prolonged occupation, that the Bush administration cannot afford the body bags,

again, wrong. most americans understand the need to defeat these bathists and the terrorists in iraq instead of the streets of america. he is projecting his own hopes, not true american sentiment.

Third, it seems possible, even probable, that further American imperial ambitions - as encapsulated in the so-called "axis of evil" - have been laid to rest, at least for the time being, in the streets of Baghdad, Samarra, Tikrit and neighbouring towns. There was much speculation in the early part of this year about which country would be next - Iran or North Korea. With the occupation of Afghanistan looking increasingly fragile - and more and more vulnerable - and the Iraqi guerrilla opposition obliging an imminent American retreat, at least of a kind, it is difficult to imagine the Americans taking on either of these regimes in the near future.

hmmm dont sound so gleeful that these murderous regimes remain in power, you jackass. your stripes of leftwing love for fascistic or communistic regimes is showing. in his read between the lines, albeit just barely, america was wrong to label anyone evil, but of course that is exactly what he does ascribing imperial ambitions to what has happened since 911 his is a most bogus strawman argument by the way.

Fourth, as with all imperial endeavours, there has been much moralising about democracy, human rights and justice. It was ever so, but no more so than now. Yet these values have, as in the past, been the first casualties of imperial ambition.

as with all imperial endeavours??!! which ones? hitler moralized about and wanted to spread democracy, human rights and justice? how about stalin, napoleon? wow that is just plain nonsense, kind of a "say its true so it must be true" kind of statement.

When Bush and Blair insist that the Iraqis should determine Saddam's fate, by Iraqis they mean their own quisling Iraqi regime.

nice,!!! so what is he implying? saddam should not be held accountable? or that the iraqi interim government has no right to try him? what is it he's saying? I think its something to the effect that saddam wont get a fair trial... boohooo cry those crocodile tears for saddam you punk.

The Guantanamo camp is an affront to human rights worldwide. Civil rights have been rolled back in the US in the name of the fight against terror. And, of course, there are no weapons of mass destruction: truth is the first casualty of war - and imperial ambition.

it is?? they are getting better treatment than they would have recieved from any other government when cought fighting on the battlefield. how would they have been treated by sayyyyy china? and of course thier are no WMD's??! no not of course how the hell do you know diffinatively you asshat?! what killed whole villages of kurds, kindness?? again this man is an asshat.

It is difficult to imagine the US and Britain ever enjoying the same kind of respect again in their claim to be the mantle of democracy and human rights.

ohhh give it a break you asshat you never respected america in your life. and I suppose you would nominate who? russia?

None of this is to suggest that we do not live in the age of the American imperium. Following 9/11, we have witnessed the birth of a new American unilateralism and self-interest to which every country in the world has been, and is being, obliged to respond and relate. Iraq is the first true test of that American imperial ambition and it has already served to suggest some of the limits to that power.

are ya kidding with this?? none of this is to suggest?? thats all this whole opinion peace is, a suggestion that america is trying to be an imperial force. and we are not intitled to defend ourselfs based on self interest? even if we have to do it alone to protect ourselves? this is all just one thing a hate america screed. on a foundation of propaganda. I bet this guy practices moral relativism too, except with america and western values which can be condemned ad nuaeseum and is the only caveat to never making moral distinctions.... what an asshat.


JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli troops wounded two demonstrators Friday afternoon in a protest against a barrier under construction along the West Bank, the Israel Defense Forces said.

About 200 protesters began climbing and cutting the fence in an attempt to get to the Israeli side, the IDF said.

Israeli soldiers fired warning shots and then opened fire when protesters continued to advance, the IDF said.

An Israeli man was in serious condition. A female foreign tourist was slightly wounded, according to Israeli officials.

The incident occurred at the Palestinian village of Masha near Qalqilya in the West Bank. Israel's GOC Central Command is investigating the incident.

since when do foreign tourists engage in "protest" activity in a country they are "visiting" for "tourism" does anyone smell leftwing anti israeli activist who infiltrated israel under false pretenses instead?? so why is cnn purposely mischaracterizing this activist?

and why are the israelis not afforded the right to control thier borders not even a few days after an infiltrator murdered innocent people in another homicide bombing? this is lunacy trying to pull down the only thing that has started to bring a modicum of security to the israeli people

lgf spotted this article. dean is a douchebag so im going to compare and contrast, here's what he says should happen to assama bin ladden and at the bottom will be what I think should be done to him.

The Monitor asked: Where should Osama bin Laden be tried if he's caught? Dean said he didn't think it made any difference, and if he were president he would consult with his lawyers for advice on the subject.

But wouldn't most Americans feel strongly that bin Laden should be tried in America - and put to death?

"I've resisted pronouncing a sentence before guilt is found," Dean said. "I still have this old-fashioned notion that even with people like Osama, who is very likely to be found guilty, we should do our best not to, in positions of executive power, not to prejudge jury trials. So I'm sure that is the correct sentiment of most Americans, but I do think if you're running for president, or if you are president, it's best to say that the full range of penalties should be available. But it's not so great to prejudge the judicial system."

Asked to discuss his lack of foreign policy experience, Dean said he knows his way around foreign policy more than his rivals give him credit for - he's visited 50 countries and met foreign leaders on trade missions as governor. But the larger point, Dean said, is that all presidents listen to advisers with expertise in particular areas.

"The question is how to pick apart the advice and figure out what the right course is, based on the various arguments that people are making," he said. "That's what I've done as governor."

Asked how he would beat primary rivals with more experience on foreign policy, Dean said he would keep reminding Democrats that he was the only major candidate who opposed the Iraq war, despite polls showing the vast majority of the American public supporting the invasion at the time.

"The bottom line is, what kind of foreign policy experience do you want in Washington, in the White House?" he said. "Do you want the kind of foreign policy experience that was willing to vote for the Iraq war, or not?"

And how will he convince swing voters who weren't so opposed to the war to fire President Bush?

"By going after him on terrorism, where he's really weak," Dean replied.

I think osama is dead. but at the outside chance he isnt and we finally catch up to him he should NOT get a civillian court trial, he should get a military tribunal. he declared war on america and declared all americans right down to our babies legitimate targets!

further more our system of fairness is not a suicide pact. he should be tried by a kangaroo court that is bearly paying attention to the proceedings, maybe even smoking cigars and eating ham sandwiche's while drinking beer and whiskey. then the verdict should be reached and he should be marched out to be shot.

his body should be fed to a ravenous sty of pigs then they should be slaughtered and shipped to his relatives as his remains.


Thursday, December 25, 2003

interesting info from iraqi governing council members

The source also said he believes both the Syrian and Jordanian regimes are now extremely vulnerable – Jordan, because of its activities before Saddam was overthrown, and Syria because of its activities since his downfall.

He revealed that the US administration in Iraq and the council have solid evidence of direct, top-level Syrian complicity in attacks against American and Iraqi security forces.

One of the two Iraqis captured with Saddam in the Tikrit area had acted as Saddam's personal envoy to Syrian President Bashar Assad until just six weeks before his arrest.

He also said that suicide bombers from various Arab countries had crossed into Iraq from Syria, carrying Syrian documents.

In one case, a Yemeni suicide bomber's mission was aborted when the massive bomb concealed in the truck he was driving failed to detonate. The would-be attacker, who had arrived in Iraq less than 48 hours before embarking on his mission, was carrying Syrian documents.

He said he believes the Syrian regime has attempted to make life as difficult – and as bloody – as possible for the Americans to dissuade them from turning their sights on Damascus once the security threats in Iraq are contained.

He also said that the governing council has acquired evidence that incriminates the most senior members of the Jordanian royal family in allegedly illegal and corrupt dealings with Saddam.

The council, he added, had acquired thousands of documents which expose a network of politicians throughout the Arab world and Europe – including the Vatican – who had accepted huge payments from Saddam in the form of "oil contracts" which were traded by the Iraqi regime on their behalf.

The documents, which were unearthed from the files of the Mukhabarat (secret police), the state oil company, and in Saddam's personal office, expose a vast and complex paper trail that reveals not only the identity of the corrupt politicians, but also how their cash was laundered.

One leading Jordanian politician received more than $3 million in a bank account in Cyprus, the favored first stop in the laundering process.
There is also evidence, he said, the Jordanian authorities had established a sophisticated operation for providing front companies that allowed Saddam to trade on the international market in defiance of UN sanctions. Vast "commissions" were paid to individual Jordanians for this.

The source said he believes it unlikely the Hashemite throne will survive the detailed revelations that will emerge in the coming months.
The governing council, he said, has already informed the Jordanian government that it has halted the arrangement by which Jordan was permitted to purchase Iraqi oil at substantial discounts.

"We will sell to them on the same terms as we sell to Guatamala," he said. "They will not have another cent from us."

And he said Iraq will end all exports of oil through the port of Aqaba, a major source of Jordanian income, within two years, by which time Iraq will have completed the reconstruction of its own storage and export facilities.

Saying that the absence of a hostile regime in Baghdad has reduced Israel's strategic dependence on the Hashemite kingdom as a buffer against Iraq, he predicted that Jordan would, sooner rather than later, become a Palestinian state.

He also revealed that Palestinians who had been living in Iraq – and who were perceived to have been among Saddam's staunchest champions – have been stripped of their Iraqi citizenship and ordered to leave the country. Most are believed to have settled in Jordan.

He laughed when asked whether there has been any communication between the new Iraqi leadership and Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.
He said many members of the governing council are personally well-disposed toward Israel, and he insisted that the new Iraq would not be hostile to it.

this makes you say, hmmmm. it is my opinion that european jews should consider emmigrating now. either to the U.S. or israel. because seriously folks, why wait till the eurotrash decides to round you up again.

Arab Intifada Is European Proxy War On America
18:29 Dec 24, '03 / 29 Kislev 5764

European Union Parliament member Ilka Schroeder delivered an address entitled, "The European Union, Israel, and Palestinian Terrorism" at the Center for German Studies of Ben Gurion University on Monday.

"The Europeans," explained MP Schroeder, "supported the Palestinian Authority with the aim of becoming its main sponsor, and through this, challenge the U.S. and present themselves as the future global power. Therefore, the Al-Aksa Intifada should be understood as a proxy war between Europe and the United States."

"It is an open secret within the European Parliament that EU aid to the Palestinian Authority has not been spent correctly," MP Schroeder said during a recent address in New York. "The European Parliament does not intend to verify whether European taxpayers' money could have been used to finance anti-Semitic murderous attacks. Unfortunately, this fits well with European policy in this area."

MP Schroeder, a twenty-five-year-old former member of the German Green Party, began her political career protesting the war in Kosovo and denouncing globalization. A year ago, MP Schroeder set her sights on an issue long avoided by members of the radical Left - the diverting of some of the 250 million in annual aid for the Arabs of Yesha (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) to corrupt officials and terrorist groups bent on Israel's destruction.

MP Schroeder managed to initiate an inquiry by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) into the issue despite significant pressure from her colleagues and fellow parliamentarians to ignore it. MP Schroeder has derided her colleagues who wish to ignore the issue of EU money funding terrorism against Jews as "simple-minded anti-Semites." She has also accused EU External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten of "winking approval of terrorist attacks funded by the EU."

In her Ben Gurion University address, MP Schroeder argued, "The primary goal of the EU is the internationalization of the conflict in order to underline the need for its own mediating role," warning that renewed European calls for a multinational force in the region - heard most recently by the head of the largest political bloc in the parliament - combined with heightened levels of anti-Semitism in Europe and the Arab world, could spell disaster for Jews everywhere. "The Palestinians are playing the ugly role of being the cannon fodder for Europe's hidden war against the U.S.," she adds.

While MP Schroeder's call for accountability in EU funding was supported by nearly one quarter of the 626-member parliament, she appears grimly convinced that her efforts to expose anti-Zionism, which she sees as Europe’s polite version of anti-Semitism, has come to naught. MP Schroeder has been embraced by many Jewish groups in Europe and the U.S. and decided to visit Israel for her first time in order to further research the EU’s role in the region.

"There is no difference in the consciousness of an average member of the European Parliament and an average German peace demonstrator, and I consider this to be a mixture of naivete, moralism, anti-Americanism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism and an altogether serious danger," she said during her U.S. speaking tour. "It is against these trends that my efforts are directed."


Monday, December 22, 2003

wretchard at Belmont Club has analyzed the current threat level and it is compelling....as is everything he writes

Sunday, December 21, 2003


Volume, credibility and kind. What those adjectives imply in this context can only be guessed. However it is reasonable to suppose that the increase in volume means that Al Qaeda, which maintain comms silence in order to maintain operational security, has broken open several channels previously been held in reserve, accepting the dangers in order to further the operation. Credibility probably means that the comms are originating from the known chain of AQ command, in this case almost certainly at the highest level. The kind modifier is intriguing. It suggests the clues are associated with certain collateral signals, message headers, distinctive channels, special formats or perhaps a reserved cryptosystem -- that are used only for the most important tasks. The reader may recall that similar analysis enabled America to predict the Bali and Saudi housing compound bombings but with insufficient precision in lagged time. The enemy fleet as it were, has sailed; known to be at sea -- but precisely where? The operators in this case, have left their staging areas and are en route to the line of departure.

Stepping back, is reasonable to suppose that with the capture of Saddam, the gathering collapse of the Ba'athist insurgency and the Libyan capitulation the AQ leadership feels it must risk all in a counterattack. If it does not stem the American tide now its funding sources will dry up, it supporters may defect and the resulting weaknesses will be exploited ruthlessly. But if the AQ can kill 10,000 Americans, they could psychologically reverse the entire course of the War on Terror. A second or worse September 11 coming at the end of the American operations in Afghanistan and Iraq would enshrine Howard Dean's conclusion that it has "not made America safer" into the Pantheon of half-truths. It would endanger the re-election of George W. Bush. It would drop a mantle of weariness on the American people. It would make them wonder, after Kabul and Baghdad, what they would have to do for an encore. Of that answer, the AQ will not think. But for now, the false and glittering prize awaits, the operational risks are disregarded. This is the logic of the banzai charge and kamikaze operation. And if history is no false guide, the banzai charge will take place.


Sunday, December 21, 2003

the stories and alternate endings have begun. who cares. all I know is he's a coward found in a hole. so somehow I doubt he had the gumption to spit at anyone at that moment.

GI 'punched Saddam for spitting at his captors'
By David Rennie in Washington
(Filed: 22/12/2003)

Saddam Hussein spat at American soldiers moments after his capture and was promptly punched by one of them, according to US government sources.

Time magazine, citing officials familiar with confidential accounts of Saddam's capture, cast doubt yesterday on the Pentagon version, that a defiant Saddam offered to negotiate, only to be told by one GI: "Regards from President Bush."

That exchange is "apocryphal", an intelligence official told Time. The true version involved Saddam spitting on his captors as they dragged him from his "spider-hole" hiding place.

"A soldier promptly slugged the old tyrant," Time reported. Coalition military spokesmen in Baghdad claimed no knowledge of the fateful punch.

Saddam's capture led to the arrest of hundreds of Iraqis, including some of the leaders of the insurgency, Gen Richard Myers the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff said yesterday. He added that Saddam was not co-operating with US interrogators.

• "The American Soldier" was named yesterday as Time magazine Person of the Year.

A little common sense from the arab world, not much, but the smallest seeds sometimes grow into the largest tree's

By J. Grant Swank, Jr.
Dec 22, 2003, 00:02

One by one, various voices from the Arab world are coming to the front of the line with truth. Just recently an Iraqi leader chided the UN Security Council for not coming to the aid of millions of Iraqis during Iraqi Freedom Operation and following. He scolded them bluntly for quibbling while Iraqis were reaching out for aid from freedom-based nations. There will be more chiding of those who stood by to watch or complain or carp while humans were desperate for assistance.

Now a Saudi daily Arab News columnist Dr. Muhammad Al-Rasheed lauds America and US President Bush for liberating Iraq while Arab nations stood by doing actually nothing practical to help their own. The setting of his article focuses on Saddam’s capture. The upshot of his piece is Bush’s persistence on behalf of others’ liberty come-upon.

"I had almost lost hope. It took George Bush to give me that back," he wrote. "He will go down in Arab history as the liberator of Baghdad, even if the whole mission in Iraq comes to nothing more than this.

"The reality we have to face is the fact that it took Americans to relieve Baghdad of its dictator. Arab impotence recorded a new low. I might sound naïve but I would like to ask where the ‘freedom fighters,’ the resistance,’ ‘the strugglers for the freedom of Iraq’ were when that man ran amok."

He then goes on to state that all is not lost to the Arabic timing. Now that New Iraq is in progress, the columnist appeals: "Shouldn’t we now be wise enough to give them (Americans) at least a chance, if not a real helping hand?"

He goes on regarding Saddam: "Nothing is left but a shabby old man, who is now as pathetic as his rise and fall had been tragic and murderous. Dictators and murderers are a breed apart. The lucky ones die in office. The majority live to suffer the humiliation and anger of their victims and those who survived them.

"Count with me and fill in the blanks as you wish: The Shah, Bokassa, Idi Amin, Ceausescu, Sese Seko of Zaire, Hitler, Mussolini, the Soviet apparatus, and last but not least, Saddam, the son of Hussein. The most notable of this lot were the most courageous: Nero and Hitler. At least Nero had the courage to fall on his sword and lament that Rome was losing a 'great artist.' I wonder who is next.

And more: "The jubilation in Baghdad put the Arab media to shame. America... is a liberator and not an occupier. We started this business of post-September 11th by jousting with the Americans loudly and virulently. We could not believe that any of our sort would behave in such barbaric ways. The truth became clearer with time. Regardless of the reason for the American intervention in Iraq, the end result couldn’t have been happier for the Iraqis or more loaded with hope for other Arabs."


Reuters buries its bias but its still there,.......

VIENNA (Reuters) - Libya has agreed to allow snap U.N. nuclear arms inspections, just a day after declaring it was giving up plans to build an atomic bomb, a Western diplomat says.

Libya, widely praised for announcing on Friday that it was ditching efforts to build the bomb and other banned weapons, told the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog on Saturday that it was ready to sign up to inspections, the diplomat told Reuters.

The surprise moves, which could lead to the end of U.S. sanctions and the return of U.S. oil companies, mark an about-face for Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan leader for 34 years.

"We are turning our swords into ploughshares and this step should be appreciated and followed by all other countries," Libyan Prime Minister Shokri Ghanem said of Friday's statement, adding that economic progress was more important than arms.

But Britain, which played a key role in talks that persuaded Tripoli to abandon its arms ambitions, said the fate that befell Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein may have prompted the move.

Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon suggested the fortunes of the Iraqi leader, overthrown by U.S. and British forces in April and finally captured hiding in a dirt hole a week ago, might have been different had Baghdad been more forthcoming over arms.

"We showed after Saddam Hussein failed to cooperate with the United Nations that we meant business and Libya, and I hope other countries, will draw that lesson," he told Sky television.

The United States and Britain, which was pivotal in isolating Libya after the Lockerbie bombing 15 years ago on Sunday, accused Saddam of developing banned arms and invaded in March. None have been found.

U.S. intelligence officials said Gaddafi seemed the driving force behind Libya's decision and his motivation may have ranged from concerns about the Iraq war and a desire to end isolation to concerns about domestic threats to his own rule.


Tripoli acted swiftly to show it was serious.

A top official met the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna on Saturday to discuss its proposals to accept stricter IAEA nuclear safeguards.

The Vienna-based Western diplomat said Libya told Mohammed ElBaradei it would open its atomic facilities to unannounced inspections, a deal going beyond the basic demands of the main nuclear arms control treaty.

Libya is a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, allowing limited IAEA inspections, but said it was now willing to sign the treaty's Additional Protocol that allows far more intrusive checks. Iran signed it on Thursday after pressure from Washington over an alleged arms programme.

"The Libyans confirmed they want to sign the Additional Protocol in their meeting with ElBaradei," said the diplomat.

The separate Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said Libya would have to adopt the Chemical Weapons Convention before inspections for such arms could be made.

Gaddafi's decision won praise from around the world, notably from U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair but also from European and Arab leaders who were strongly critical of their war on Iraq.

It was also hailed by Tehran. "Iran welcomes any step taken by any country to dismantle weapons of mass destruction," the Foreign Ministry said.

China said Libya's move showed how effective political and diplomatic solutions could be. European critics of the Iraq war said Tripoli had showed diplomacy on its own could bring change.

"I find it rich and comical that we should use an agreement with a country we did not invade -- which did have weapons of mass destruction -- as justification for invading a country that doesn't have weapons of mass destruction," said Robin Cook, who quit as foreign secretary over Iraq before the war.


Libya was freed of broader U.N. sanctions this year after accepting responsibility for the 1988 downing of an airliner over Lockerbie in Scotland, killing 270 people.

Washington left its sanctions in place, accusing Tripoli of seeking biological and chemical arms.

Some U.S. officials said at the weekend it was too early to say when, or if, the United States would lift its embargo.

Tripoli's announcement on Friday was the culmination of secret negotiations with Britain and the United States launched at about the time of the Iraq invasion.

someone explain to me the relevance of sticking that crap from Robin Cook in the middle. lets balance it, something reuters obviously refuses to do.

they had WMD's thats what saddam murdered whole villages of kurds with! he didnt kill em with kindness, folks, he used MUSTARD GAS! and they have found reams of evidence that he had them besides dead kurds. reuters has had to stretch the imagination and salt the article liberaly to spin this much.

they suck


Saturday, December 20, 2003

so taking out saddam isnt making us safer huh??

Libya agrees to halt arms programs

US, Britain secure pledge for inspections

By Anne E. Kornblut and Wayne Washington, Globe Staff, 12/20/2003

WASHINGTON -- Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy, ostracized for decades by Western nations for his role in supporting terrorism, agreed yesterday to dismantle the country's weapons of mass destruction as part of a deal with Britain and the United States that would bring Libya slowly back into the international community.

Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain announced the surprise agreement yesterday afternoon, followed by President Bush, who declared it "a development of great importance in our continuing effort to prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction."

Officials in London and Washington portrayed the news -- the culmination of nine months of secret diplomacy initiated by Libya around the time the US invaded Iraq -- as a direct result of the two-year-old war on terrorism. Libya made the announcement just six days after the capture of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and one day after Iran's agreement to allow unrestricted nuclear weapons inspections.

"All of these actions by the United States and our allies have sent an unmistakable message to regimes that seek or possess weapons of mass destruction," Bush said in a speech at the White House late yesterday afternoon. "Those weapons do not bring influence or prestige. They bring isolation and otherwise unwelcome consequences."

The president continued: "Another message should be equally clear: Leaders who abandon the pursuit of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them will find an open path to better relations with the United States and other free nations."

As part of the agreement, Libya pledged to disclose all its weapons of mass destruction and related programs and to open the country to international inspectors to oversee their elimination.

While it was previously known that Libya had mustard gas and other chemical or biological agents, Britain said Libya had been close to making a nuclear bomb. US officials said last night that Libya's nuclear program was further advanced than initially estimated.

Libya made the pledges following a series of steps in the past few years to gain international acceptance. Khadafy has sounded especially contrite since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, describing himself as an ally in the fight to end terror.

In August, Libya officially accepted responsibility for the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland, and reached a settlement to pay victims' families worth billions of dollars. Foreign policy analysts viewed the settlement as a sign that further concessions could come.

Yesterday, in a statement released by the Libyan government, Khadafy called the agreement a "wise decision" to end the weapons program -- which included chemical weapons, as well as a degree of Libya's cooperation with North Korea to develop scud missiles capable of delivering weapons of mass destruction.

Libya "plays an international role in building a world free of weapons of mass destruction and all sorts of terrorism," Khadafy said, according to the official Jana news agency. The Foreign Ministry issued a statement confirming that it had decided "on its own free will to . . . completely eliminate internationally banned weapons."

Blair, a close US ally who has suffered domestically for his strong support of the war in Iraq, called it a victory for diplomacy -- and proof that military force is truly reserved as a last resort. Blair made the announcement first, part of a coordinated effort with the White House to bolster its closest ally in Europe.

"Today's announcement shows that we can fight this menace through more than purely military means, that we can defeat it peacefully if countries are prepared, in good faith, to work with the international community to dismantle such weapons," Blair said.

According to officials familiar with the clandestine negotiations, Libya had made a series of admissions about its weapons program in the past nine months. It admitted to uranium-enrichment projects that were intended to support a nuclear weapons program and gave US and British experts who went to Libya access to specialized nuclear equipment and related documents.

A senior administration official, speaking to reporters last night on the condition of anonymity, said that while the reported chemical weapons matched up with US and British intelligence estimates, "on the nuclear side . . . my understanding is that they did have a much further advanced program, including centrifuges."

Libyan officials also showed US and British experts what the administration official described as "a significant quantity of mustard, a chemical agent" that was produced in Rabta more than a decade ago. They also displayed aerial bombs designed to be filled with mustard agent on short notice and dual-use facilities -- which appear to have a civilian purpose, but could be used to produce biological weapons.

Libya, the US official said, contacted Britain in mid-March to explore the possibility of working with London and Washington to disclose aspects of its weapons of mass destruction programs.

That timing coincides almost precisely with the start of the war in Iraq, which began March 19.

Asked whether the Iraq invasion had a direct impact on Khadafy's actions, the administration official said, "I can't imagine that Iraq went unnoticed by the Libyan leadership."


Thursday, December 18, 2003


Joshua on lgf put together quite a compelling list of links of iraq with al queda. it is mindboggling that anyone can deny that a terrorist sponsor nation, who worked with every other terrorist group, didnt work with al queda. I for one beleive there is enough evidence to say that it cannot be dismissed.

here's his list

I have recently compiled a list of public info dealing with the evidence of a Saddam-Qaeda link, and am busting out to share it with the group. Sorry dean, but you are a dirty rotten liar, and this proves it: Interesting Washington Post article covers monetary relationshp between the Al-Qaeda ally Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines and Iraq

Weekly standard reviews the best evidence of Iraq-Qaeda links

Large overview of possible Iraq involvement in Bin Laden's organization and its activities

Covers strong evidence of Iraqi involvement in 9-11

CNN reports on STRONG circumstantial evidence of Iraqi embassy's involvement in Abu Sayyaf terror ops that killed American soldiers

Best collection of links dealing with Iraqi terror links

Logically conjectures about the strange and sudden announcement of Abu Nidal's death. Reviews long history of Iraq's links to the international terror group Abu Nidal

Talks of Iraq's quest to outsource attacks using terror groups linked to Al-Qaeda

Discusses law suit 9/11 families brought against Saddam

Discusses the financial organization in Iraq that was linked to Al-Qaeda

Lauri Mylrorie discusses the need Al-Qaeda and similar groups have for sponsors like Saddam and uses logic to support the arguments that such links must have existed

Newest evidence of a Saddam-9/11 link, Telegraph reports that Abu Nidal trained Mohammed Atta, cites Iraqi sources

Report of a paper found in Iraqi secret service hq that talks of a meeting in 1998 between Al-Qaeda members and Iraqi leaders

"Case Closed" Memo that reviews CIA evidence of a Saddam-9/11 link

Perhaps most interesting: New York Times reports that Clinton's administration has, in a grand jury indictment, accused Bin Laden of various evil acts including having alliances with Iraq, Iran and Syria, read this one CLOSE, and you will probably ask yourself :what is the left talking about? When their leader asserted the same thing Bush did, there were no questions, but now this same info is almost hidden universally in the media. I mean, why hasn't the NYT ever discussed this edition?

Mansoor Ijaz discusses Iraq/Bin Laden links on Fox news

Ansar Al Islam: Iraqs Al Qaeda connection


Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Even war foe finds contract criticism off mark

Robert Robb
Republic columnist
Dec. 17, 2003 12:00 AM

Despite my own reservations about U.S. involvement in Iraq, I've been struck lately by how wrong much of the criticism by others seems to be.

• Before Saddam Hussein's capture moved everything else out of the public discussion, the Bush administration's decision to limit prime contracts for U.S.-paid reconstruction to coalition partners was being almost universally panned, even by some war supporters.

The real opposition should have been to the reconstruction appropriation itself. There's no reason U.S. taxpayers should be paying billions of dollars to construct better electricity systems, roads and oil production capabilities than Iraq had before the war.

But if U.S. taxpayers are to undertake that burden, limiting prime contractors to the more than 60 countries that have contributed in some meaningful way to Iraq's liberation is eminently sensible.

Other countries don't have a right to participate in contracts funded exclusively by U.S. taxpayers. And the necessary skills to get the job done are certainly available from coalition countries.

The Bush administration's decision was widely depicted as an attempt to "punish" Iraq war opponents, such as France, Russia and Germany.

But that puts the presumption in the wrong place. The real question is what have those countries done to merit their companies benefiting from funds provided exclusively by U.S. taxpayers?

• This decision has also been depicted as a diplomatic misstep, a setback to efforts to "internationalize" the Iraq effort.

From the beginning, U.S. interests would have been better served by giving the United Nations a greater role regarding the civil functions of the country. But that's a different issue than our bilateral relationships with other countries, particularly France.

France is not an ally of the United States. Its primary foreign-policy objective is to reduce U.S. influence and constrain U.S. power.

France would clearly prefer that any U.S. success in Iraq be as costly as possible to deter other such exercises of overwhelming military force in the future. And the suspicion is that it would actually prefer that the United States be regarded as having somehow failed in Iraq.

France is not an enemy, just an unfriendly force. It has always been clear that France, Germany and Russia would not make any meaningful contributions in Iraq until such contributions were no longer needed. No amount of diplomatic sweets would have, or will, change that.

my one argument with him is greater control for the UN, how can you give greater control to an entity that bugged out and ran away like a 9 year old girl? my apologies to nine year old girls.


the sly cuts at bush and crocodile tears for saddam have begun, here's some headline bias, and sympathy for the devil...

herald sun news
Bush confesses his Saddam death wish
Phillip Coorey

democracy now!
Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
"His Mistreatment is Pretty Much What The Roman Emperors Used To Do To Defeated Barbarian Kings" - Francis Boyle Discusses Saddam’s Capture.

and lastly can you say misplaced compassion???? as a catholic I have to say this is dispicable, this guy has not made any public statements that I can find lending sympathy to the tragedies that are saddams victims, and he publicly called a war to oust saddam immoral, his statements seem more about an anti american bias than a biblicaly based sense of goodwill towards man. along with the politically motivated belief that without the backing of the UN (an org. that has more sympathy for despots than the well being of innocents, and certainly not the best interests of the american people) it was an unjust war, ...since when is the UN an obligatory part of roman catholic descision making on morality??

sometimes diplomacy can work but sometimes action is nescessary, jesus didnt worry about the "dignity" of the money lenders in the temple he drove them out with a whip!! thats action against unrepentant evil doers! he didnt try diplomacy! he didnt negotiate! he didnt fret over thier humiliation! he drove them out as a lesson to other evil doers.

well let the pictures of saddam be a lesson to other evil despotic tyrants. he has reaped what he sowed.

and as concrete evidence of americas moral rightousness, he is still fairing better than his victims.

Cardinal Says U.S. Treated Saddam 'Like a Cow'
Tue Dec 16, 7:59 AM ET Add Top Stories - Reuters to My Yahoo!

By Philip Pullella

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - A top Vatican (news - web sites) official said Tuesday he felt pity and compassion for Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) and criticized the U.S. military for showing video footage of him being treated "like a cow."

Cardinal Renato Martino, head of the Vatican's Justice and Peace department and a former papal envoy to the United Nations (news - web sites), told a news conference it would be "illusory" to think the arrest of the former Iraqi president would heal all the damage caused by a war which the Holy See opposed.

"I felt pity to see this man destroyed, (the military) looking at his teeth as if he were a cow. They could have spared us these pictures," he said.

"Seeing him like this, a man in his tragedy, despite all the heavy blame he bears, I had a sense of compassion for him," he said in answer to questions about Saddam's arrest.

Martino was referring to the videotape released by the U.S. military which showed a grubby, bearded and disheveled Saddam receiving a medical examination by a military doctor after his capture in an underground hole Saturday.

Martino was one of the Vatican officials most strongly opposed to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq (news - web sites).

"It's true that we should be happy that this (arrest) has come about because it is the watershed that was necessary... we hope that this will not have worse and other serious consequences," Martino said.

"But it is not the total solution to the problems of the Middle East," he said.

Martino said the Vatican hoped the arrest of Saddam "can contribute to promoting peace and the democratization of Iraq."

He added: "But is seems to me to be illusory to hope that this will repair the dramas and the damage of the defeat for humanity that a war always brings about."

The Vatican did not consider the war in Iraq "a just war" because it was not backed by the United Nations and because the Vatican believed more negotiations were necessary to avoid it.

Martino said the Vatican wanted an "appropriate institution" to put Saddam on trial but he did not elaborate.


Tuesday, December 16, 2003


lgf posted this link to honestreporting.com about the total dishonesty of reuters news service and the fact that although they "say" they are nuetral, they have chosen sides, and through deception, misuse of language, and ommision they are championing the palistinians. honest reporting.com breaks it down quite well as to why they have awarded reuters the dishonest reporting award for 2003.

here's some quantitve analysis of reuters dishonesty by honest reporting.com

Reuters refuses to use the term "terrorist" because (as global news editor Steven Jukes states) "one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter." But by continually using the term "uprising for statehood" to describe the terrorist wave, Reuters chooses to present them as freedom fighters. So much for journalistic neutrality.

Reuters regularly makes the effort to help readers "understand" the human side of Palestinian terrorists. When two Israelis were killed in Negohot, Reuters included this background information to help readers rationalize the terrorist act:

Palestinians regard Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as major obstacles to peace and have regularly attacked them. (Sept. 26)

This description suggests ― preposterously ― that Palestinian terrorists perpetrate the willful murder of civilians out of their quest for peace.


In July, HonestReporting released a study of one month of Reuters headlines on the conflict. Some findings:

▪ In violent acts by Israelis, "Israel" was named in 100% of the headlines, and the verb was in the active voice in 100% of the headlines, i.e.:

"Israeli Troops Shoot Dead Palestinian in W. Bank" (July 3)

▪ But in violent acts by Palestinians, the Palestinian perpetrator was named in just 33% of the headlines, and the verb was generally in the passive voice, i.e.:

"Bus Blows Up in Central Jerusalem" (June 11)

That is, in the world of Reuters headlines, when Israel acts, Israel is always perpetrating an active assault and the Palestinian victim is consistently identified. But when Palestinian terrorists act, the event just "happens" and Israeli victims are left faceless.

Moreover, Reuters presents Palestinian diplomats as pursuing peace, but frustrated by their obstinate Israeli counterparts:

"Palestinians Urge Israel to Free Prisoners" (July 4)
"Israel Sets Tough Terms for Prisoner Release" (July 6)
"Israel Fumes at U.S. Opening to Doves, Steps Up Raids" (Dec. 3)

* In January, Reuters blamed Israel for "killing" Palestinian suicide bombers:

Iraq has paid millions of dollars to families of Palestinians, including those of suicide bombers, killed by Israeli forces since the start of the uprising in September 2000.

The overwhelming message from Reuters headlines is tendentious indeed: Israel is the aggressor, and Palestinians are hapless victims.

* * *

Though maintaining that "the integrity, independence and freedom from bias of Reuters must be upheld at all times," Reuters' news reports indicate that the agency has clearly taken sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Ceasing to provide neutral information, Reuters has instead become a sort of world ambassador for Palestinian factions, operating via the ubiquitous Reuters news wire.

And for this, the Reuters "news service" deserves the Dishonest Reporting "Award" for 2003.

dishonorable mention goes out to many more "news angencies" (here's some lowlights)

In July, the LA Times made the patently false assertion: "Along with prisoner releases, the next important element in moving ahead with the 'road map' is the Palestinian demand that Israel withdraw from more of the West Bank." In fact, prisoner releases are not even mentioned in the road map. And according to the road map, the PA's obligation to uproot terror was clearly "the next important element."

In August, after the IDF killed a Hamas leader, a Hamas spokesman fed reporters this line: "The Zionist enemy has assassinated the truce," so therefore "we consider ourselves no longer bound by this cease-fire." This, despite the fact that Hamas themselves admitted to engineering the horrific Jerusalem bus bombing the week before. Nonetheless, the LA Times swallowed Hamas' propaganda and issued the headline: "Truce Ended After Israeli Airstrike."

Associated Press

The world's largest wire agency featured pro-Palestinian editorializing in straight news stories, factual mistakes, and coverage that downplayed Palestinian terrorism:

* In late April, a Palestinian suicide bomber struck a crowded Tel Aviv nightclub. The attack came just hours after the Palestinian Legislative Council confirmed the nomination of Mahmoud Abbas as the new Palestinian Prime Minister. The AP headline: "Bomb Mars Historic Day For Palestinians." (Actually, the bomb "marred the day" for three dead Israelis and their families.)

* In May, AP began using the term "bystanders" to refer to Israeli victims of Palestinian terror: "In 93 suicide attacks since the current violence erupted in September 2000, 357 bystanders have been killed." (May 18) A "bystander" is an individual peripheral to the central action in a given event. AP's term masks the true, civilian target of nearly all Palestinian terror.

* In one week in March, an Iraqi killed five American soldiers by blowing himself up in a taxi, while in Netanya, a Palestinian ignited his explosive belt at the entrance to a cafe, causing 50 Israeli casualties. AP listed the Iraqi attack among other historical "terror attacks against the U.S. military," but called the Netanya attack the work of a "Palestinian militant."

* In a report addressing the Palestinian claim to a "right of return," AP erroneously stated: "Israel has always objected to the right of return for about 4 million Arabs who fled the war that followed Israel's creation in 1948, but never made renouncing the demand a condition for peace talks before." (May 7)

In fact, no party has ever claimed that 4 million Arabs fled Israel during its War of Independence. The actual number of Arab refugees in 1948-9 was, according to Israeli sources, 538,000. The UN puts the figure at 720,000, while Palestinians have claimed up to 850,000.

A July Washington Post editorial repeatedly called Palestinian terrorist organizations "militant groups," and then ― sandwiched among those references ― referred to "militant Jewish settlers." The editorial claimed these two groups constitute "the extremists on both sides." HonestReporting investigated, but has yet to find any cases of Jewish suicide bombers.

After Israeli planes hit an abandoned Syrian camp, the Washington Post opined that "Mr. Sharon prodded a country suspected of supporting terrorism." Suspected? Since 1979, Syria has never failed to make the U.S. State Department's annual listing of nations that sponsor terrorism.

On April 30, the road map was delivered in Israel, and on that very day a terrorist struck a Tel Aviv bar, killing 3 and wounding 40. The Washington Post not only failed to give the terrorist attack headline coverage, but granted it only one brief paragraph, buried deep in the article covering the launch of the road map.

On the other hand, the very next day (May 2), on the front page above the fold, The Washington Post published an article headlined "Israeli Incursion Kills 13 in Gaza, 'Map' Sabotaged Palestinians Say."

read the rest at the links above.

The Campaign of Hate and Fear
Some of my fellow Democrats are unpatriotic.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

title says it all, its long and filled with so many good points its too hard to excerpt. read it all especially iff your a democrat, ignore it if your an irrational leftwing loon who can only regurgitate "hate bush propaganda" this will go over your capacity for critical thinking.....


Monday, December 15, 2003

Donna V. noted on LGF that
"Rod Dreher of NRO brought up a good point a few weeks ago. He noted that many Hollywood movies ("Lord of the Rings" "Braveheart," "Rob Roy" "Glory," "Saving Private Ryan," etc.) celebrate bravery and courage on the battlefield. Isn't it interesting that the message these movies convey seem to have no effect whatsoever on many of those who star in them? There's a total disconnect. Especially true in the case of Viggo." (who is a raving leftist)

my answer on the subject, I beleive, sheds some light on the mystery which is leftism

donna V. thats a good point ive wondered about it myself.

I think its due to a couple of things

1. a need to disavow the make believe violence they participate in on screen, with the knee jerk liberalism that permeates thier outlook on life. regarless of the context, (self defense defense of community, delivery of justice, defeating evil)

2. thier liberalism is so extreme that they have no moral compass as a "normal" person has. instead they have morals based on what is politically "right" for thier leftism, meaning if it is contrary to the goals of thier left wing agenda its immoral, including removing a genocidal despot if its being done by a political adversary. conversly its moral to slander bush for his removal of saddam just because he's the the "political enemy" of the left.

right now the same people who were either silent about saddams mass murder or, right up till the present have downplayed his crimes, are now starting a low rumble over the disposition and treatment of saddam as inhumane. its morality based on political goals not true right and wrong good and evil.

they wouldnt have a structure to defend liberalism/leftism if they applied traditional universal judeo-christian morals and ethics to thier politics, because thier politics are indefensible by those standards.

europe wont make it at this rate......
Red-Green Anti-Semitism

Contemporary political correctness defines any limits on immigration as racism. Any political leader, intellectual or "normal" citizen, who suggests that immigration should be controlled through the application of law or who advocates repatriation of illegal immigrants is denounced as a racist. It is sometimes even considered outrageous to suggest that immigrants should obey the laws of their host country. "We cannot obey this law because it is incompatible with the Koran" is a claim heard more and more often from Muslims. "Native Europeans" often seem ready to abandon their principles to avoid conflict.

this collection researched by Taranto at opinionjournal.com

America's Palestinians http://blog.deanforamerica.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=2682

Here's a sampling of comments on Saddam's capture from the Howard Dean campaign's "Blog for America (some appear on this page http://blog.deanforamerica.com/archives/002683.html and this one http://blog.deanforamerica.com/archives/002684.html ):
-Carrie B: "I can't believe this. I'm crying here. I feel that we now don't have a chance in this election."

-Leslie in SF: "I think it is shameful that the ACLU has not commented on the obvious mistreatment Hussein has suffered at the hands of the American military."

-Muslims4Dean: "If the Death toll mounts--good. It will teach the American people not to support Nazi Republicans who invase [sic] Muslim lands."

-Johnny Smith: "Muslims4Bush [sic]-- don't think we can put it that way. We don't want Americans to die. But if Bush will not bring our boys home--then they're going to have to die so that Howard Dean can win."

The Angry Left is America's equivalent of the Palestinians: a self-destructive political movement based on nothing but a collection of grievances rooted in a falsified, self-justifying history. These grievances so distort their view of the world that they lose the capacity for ordinary moral judgment and cannot understand something as simple as that the fall of a genocidal tyrant is a good thing.

Rich galen makes a spot on observation while on the ground in iraq~~~~~

"Something to consider as you think about this day. There is a rule in politics which states: Good news is delivered by the highest possible source. Bad news is delivered by the lowest possible source.

Without drawing any comparisons, I think it says volumes about President George W. Bush that he allowed Bremer and Sanchez - the two guys whose necks are quite literally on the line here every day - to make the official announcement."


Sunday, December 14, 2003

Samer Saado, an employee at a Damascus flower shop, said he didn’t care about Saddam but felt overwhelming sadness for Iraq and the entire Arab world.

“What the Americans are doing in Iraq and everywhere else is humiliating. There’s nothing to say we’re not next in line,” he said.
From your lips to G-d's ears, pal. (McBain at LGF)

my open letter of support and comiseration, with helpful advice to all arabs who are in the dumps and feeling gloomy and humiliated by the capture of saddam,

do not suffer this humiliation one second longer! nayyy do not alow yourself to even live one second longer saddled with this humiliation!

show the world your not humiliated losers!

dont even spend one more minute draging this humiliation with you!

show the world you wont live like that!

get your pistol or ak47 and do the right thing!

dont hesitate!

dont even think about it!

blow out your own brains!

that'll show the west what your made of....


this is a great day and a turning point but im going to say this is not the end I think there is enough gut feeling for me to beleive many of the fighters are independent of direction from saddam and more than likely the ring of commanders just below saddam were in charge and they will have to be cought or killed to break the back of money and coordination.

but thier figurehead is gone and this is a killing blow.

here's a view of contrast~~~~

By ABC12/The Associated Press
Dearborn, Michigan — (12/14/03)-- An impromptu celebration has erupted in Dearborn as news spread of Saddam Hussein's capture in Iraq.
Dozens jumped around, banged drums and waved Iraqi and American flags as snow fell around them this morning,

One worker at a shop dashed out from behind the counter and turned up the TV to hear a reporter on Al Jazeera.

Residents elsewhere in Dearborn took to the streets in celebration. They did so eight months earlier when a statue of Saddam was toppled in Baghdad during the war.

Dearborn is a city of about 100,000 people. One-third identify themselves as Arab or Arab-American. Southeastern Michigan has about 300,000 Arab-Americans.

Men have been kissing each other on the cheek while women ululated in an expression of glee over Saddam Hussein's capture.

The impromptu celebration in Dearborn is similar to one eight months earlier when a statue of Saddam was toppled in Baghdad.

People threw candy, jumped around, banged drums and waved Iraqi and American flags as snow fell around them this morning.

Imam Husham Al-Husainy told the cheering crowds that it's a day of celebration and victory. The spiritual leader of the Karbalaa Islamic Center thanked the American government for bringing an end to Saddam's regime.

our arab american brethren of right mind know that good has triumphed over evil with the capture of saddam the evil. but the palistinians are mourning the capture of this demon man.... what does this say about them?

Palestinians Mark 'Black Day' of Saddam Capture
Sun December 14, 2003 11:19 AM ET

By Mohammed Assadi
RAMALLAH (Reuters) - Disbelief and gloom seized many Palestinians Sunday at news of Saddam Hussein's capture as Israel fired off a telegram of congratulations to Washington.

The former Iraqi ruler was a hero to many Palestinians for his stand against Israel and its U.S. ally, as well as for helping families of Palestinians dead in an uprising.

For Israel, he was a menace over the horizon who long bankrolled the enemy.

"It's a black day in history," said Sadiq Husam, 33, a taxi driver in Ramallah, West Bank seat of the Palestinian Authority.


Saturday, December 13, 2003

little by little the left is going to be drivin insane by thier hatred of bush and the convoluted hoops they will have to jump through to make him the bad guy, and deny the conections between terrorists and sponser states like Iraq. this found through lgf~~~

Terrorist behind September 11 strike was trained by Saddam
By Con Coughlin
(Filed: 14/12/2003)

Iraq's coalition government claims that it has uncovered documentary proof that Mohammed Atta, the al-Qaeda mastermind of the September 11 attacks against the US, was trained in Baghdad by Abu Nidal, the notorious Palestinian terrorist.

Details of Atta's visit to the Iraqi capital in the summer of 2001, just weeks before he launched the most devastating terrorist attack in US history, are contained in a top secret memo written to Saddam Hussein, the then Iraqi president, by Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti, the former head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service.

The handwritten memo, a copy of which has been obtained exclusively by the Telegraph, is dated July 1, 2001 and provides a short resume of a three-day "work programme" Atta had undertaken at Abu Nidal's base in Baghdad.

In the memo, Habbush reports that Atta "displayed extraordinary effort" and demonstrated his ability to lead the team that would be "responsible for attacking the targets that we have agreed to destroy".

A document discovered by Iraq's interim government details a meeting between the man behind the September 11 attacks and Abu Nidal, the Palestinian terrorist, at his Baghdad training camp. Con Coughlin reports.

the tantalising detail provided in the intelligence document uncovered by Iraq's interim government suggests that Atta's involvement with Iraqi intelligence may well have been far deeper than has hitherto been acknowledged.

Written in the neat, precise hand of Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti, the former head of the Iraqi Intelligence Service (IIS) and one of the few named in the US government's pack of cards of most-wanted Iraqis not to have been apprehended, the personal memo to Saddam is signed by Habbush in distinctive green ink.

Headed simply "Intelligence Items", and dated July 1, 2001, it is addressed: "To the President of the Ba'ath Revolution Party and President of the Republic, may God protect you."

The first paragraph states that "Mohammed Atta, an Egyptian national, came with Abu Ammer (an Arabic nom-de-guerre - his real identity is unknown) and we hosted him in Abu Nidal's house at al-Dora under our direct supervision.

"We arranged a work programme for him for three days with a team dedicated to working with him . . . He displayed extraordinary effort and showed a firm commitment to lead the team which will be responsible for attacking the targets that we have agreed to destroy."

There is nothing in the document that provides any clue to the identity of the "targets", although Iraqi officials say it is a coded reference to the September 11 attacks.

The second item contains a report of how Iraqi intelligence, helped by "a small team from the al-Qaeda organisation", arranged for an (unspecified) shipment from Niger to reach Baghdad by way of Libya and Syria.

Iraqi officials believe this is a reference to the controversial shipments of uranium ore Iraq acquired from Niger to aid Saddam in his efforts to develop an atom bomb, although there is no explicit reference in the document to this.

Habbush writes that the successful completion of the shipment was "the fruit of your excellent secret meeting with Bashir al-Asad (the Syrian president) on the Iraqi-Syrian border", and concludes: "May God protect you and save you to all Arab nations."

While it is almost impossible to ascertain whether or not the document is legitimate or a clever fake, Iraqi officials working for the interim government are convinced of its authenticity, even though they decline to reveal where and how they obtained it. "It is not important how we found it," said a senior Iraqi security official. "The important thing is that we did find it and the information it contains."

A leading member of Iraq's governing council, who asked not to be named, said he was convinced of the document's authenticity.

"There are people who are working with us who used to work with Habbush who are convinced that it is his handwriting and signature. We are uncovering evidence all the time of Saddam's dealings with al-Qaeda, and this document shows the extent of the old regime's involvement with the international terrorist network."


Friday, December 12, 2003

Officer pleads guilty to mistreating detainee, but avoids court-martial

By Aleksandar Vasovic, Associated Press, 12/13/2003 09:27

TIKRIT, Iraq (AP) An American lieutenant colonel pleaded guilty to beating an Iraqi detainee and threatening to kill him during an interrogation, but will be fined and allowed to retire rather than face a court-martial, the military said Saturday. Lt. Col. Allen B. West was found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and one count of communicating a threat, according to a statement from the divisional press center. West is the most senior officer of the 4th Infantry Division to face disciplinary proceedings in Iraq. His punishment was reduced because of his good record and the difficult environment, the military said. At a military pretrial hearing Friday, Gen. Raymond Odierno, who commands 4th Infantry Division based in Tikrit, fined West $5,000, relieved him from his post and forwarded his request for retirement next spring for approval. ''He will return to 4th Infantry Division's headquarters in Fort Hood, Texas, until his retirement,'' the division said in the statement. West was not available to speak with reporters at the base in Tikrit, 100 miles north of Baghdad. West pleaded guilty to punching and firing a pistol near the prisoner, Yahya Jhodri Hamoodi, on Aug. 20 while interrogating him in al-Taji, just north of Baghdad. West also threatened to kill the detainee if he did not talk, according to the statement. The division said West ''disobeyed laws, ignored orders ... and mortgaged future discipline in his unit by compromising his credibility.'' ''While his crimes merit a court martial, mitigating factors ... were considered including the stressful environment ... and Lt. Col. West's record as an officer and commander,'' the military said.

not to mention the fact that he saved countless lives of men in his unit by scaring the shit out of the terrorist dirtbag. (after said terrorist dirtbag gave up the names and they were picked up the attacks stopped) lets see,....... if I was still in the army who would I have more loyalty and respect for as my commanding officer, this guy doing everything he could to keep me allive,? or the pencil pusher farther up the chain of command who equivicated on whether he would follow the letter of the law and allow the possible deaths of more of his men, or take action to keep his boys allive....

I found this circuitously through lgf. this cought the attention of a blogger in germany the true nature of the "anti war crowd comes out from under the slimey rock into the sunlight completely. they are socialists who hate the west, and especially america. they care not a wit about peace only the downfall of what they hate.

Germany’s “Peace” Movement Actively and Openly Supporting Iraqi Terrorism
By Raymond Drake

Just when you thought the German “peace” movement couldn’t get much more hypocritical they take things to a whole new level. Last week the unbelievable lack of protest at the German government’s plutonium and arms deal with Communist China made it seem as the peace freaks had all rolled up into a big ball for a long winter hibernation.

Not so! The German TV news program “Panorama” uncovered some of the wonderful activities that particularly dedicated cadres of the German peace movement are currently engaged in. In the spirit of peace, a number of groups have started a fund-raising campaign entitled “10 Euros for the Iraqi Resistance”. The money will be provided to the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance (IPA) a group dedicated to carrying out attacks against US soldiers in Iraq in collaboration with Saddam loyalists. The common goal is to "liberate” the Iraqi people from the evil imperialist American occupiers. On their website these groups gush with enthusiasm about turning Iraq into another Vietnam for the USA.

OK, what’s the big deal? Why can’t people recognize that these young, misunderstood idealists simply have the interests of the Iraqi people at heart? Clearly, supporting more terror acts that blow away innocent Iraqi civilians and the reinstatement of a Baathist terror regime is the best imaginable way to further the cause of world peace. And just think, if the fine humanitarians supporting this action really do succeed in reaching their goals they can form a volunteer troupe to begin digging new mass graves in Iraq for the new Saddamist government. Don’t you just love peace?

Don’t you just love peace?

read the rest of this bile at his blog if you have the stomach. and benny this is the true face of leftism.


Thursday, December 11, 2003

More than 1,000 Iraqi civilians killed by U.S. bombs, report says
By Jonathan S. Landay
Knight Ridder Newspapers

WASHINGTON - Fifty U.S. airstrikes aimed at Saddam Hussein and other senior Iraqi leaders during the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq failed to kill any of their targets but killed and injured dozens of civilians, said a report released Thursday.

"Human Rights Watch examined four of the 50 strikes that U.S. officials said were aimed at killing Saddam and his top officials. Forty-two civilians were killed and dozens more injured in the four attacks, it said."

"The report said U.S. and British forces launched nearly 13,000 cluster munitions containing nearly 2 million bomblets that killed or wounded more than 1,000 civilians."

so let me get this straight, we launched nearly 2 million bomblets and as sad as any innocents death is, we only managed to accidently/collaterally kill roughly, 1000 civillians?
before the war started we were bombarded with the hysteria (by these very same people) that 100's of thousands would be killed, and it didnt come true.
we prosecuted a war against a regime which I might add was so evil, it filled hundreds of mass graves with as many as 800 thousand bodies.
but are they writing a report condeming that, and documenting who was responsible for it so the bathist thugs responsible could be prosecuted for the attrocities, to help show the world this genocidal evil wont be tolerated????? no. thier whining about the sad, but inevitable deaths of a comparatively small number of civillians cought up in a war, a war I might add that has ended the filling of those mass graves.


Wednesday, December 10, 2003

this found thru Spiny Norman on lgf and its worth reading the whole thing on at the link, I just picked some nice exerpts

one of the few times I read something from a muslim and I thought good luck, I hope god bless's you in your fight. this guy is fighting to stop the real threat that wahabism is too peaceful islam as practiced by Sufi~~~

Against the Saudization of Somaliland

"Sufism, however, which was the Somali way of Islam and which Wahhabism condemns as a heresy, reaches out to the heart and good sense of all mankind without distinction. Instead of shunning all other faiths and branding them as bogus religions, Sufism sees all faiths as equally valid, following directly God’s words “wheresoever ye turn, there is the face of God.” Where Wahhabism sows hatred and rancor even among Moslems, Sufism preaches sulh-e kull (universal peace) and Mahabbat e-kull (universal love). "

These people love to live in the dark. They thrive on the silence of the unwilling intellectuals and the gullibility of the ignorant majority. They hide under the cloak of religion and scare people with their indiscriminate use of terms such as blasphemous, infidels, apostates, sacrilegious, atheists, westernized minds and many others. They use the available democratic atmosphere to herd us towards the abyss. One pertinent question that begs for an answer all the time is why is it that it is always those who fail in school or in life who turn to such religious extremism? One may wonder if the problem is one of lost self-esteem, an internal urge for revenge and a desire for power and domination. No wonder that women bear the brunt of their onslaught for enslavement, for what better way to regain their lost self-esteem than suppressing women and denying them the success that they themselves had failed to achieve. In this way they could exercise power not only on their women but on the women of the whole community, thus bringing those successful guys who despised them for their failure under their mercy- hitting them at their Achilles heel, while hiding under the cloak of religious sainthood.

It is time to tell these sick men that the bare breast of the woman suckling her child is not about pornography, but about motherhood. The girls and boys sitting next to each other in class are not indulging in a sex orgy, you demented paranoiacs, but enjoying a healthy educational environment. The girl walking in the street without a headcover and wearing a big smile is not about flirting; it is about beauty of life. The woman holding a lively conversation with a male friend in a coffee house or a shopping mall is not about illicit affairs; it is about a much-needed human relationship and a healthy exchange of intellectual ideas. The woman wearing the traditional diric and hagoog and regally strolling in the street is not about indecency but about culture. The nightingale voices of our female singers are not about eroticism, you philistines, but about art, music and enjoyment of one of God’s marvelous gifts. The Awra (private parts) and indecency are not about what you tell us, you sex maniacs, but about deep-rooted manners handed down through the centuries. Sufism is not about heresy but about breaking the monotony and adding passion and music to religion. Visiting graves is not about idolatry, but about remembering and giving due respect to the dead whose souls live among us. The foreign humanitarian workers in our country are not infidels whose killing guarantees one to go directly to heaven but angels of mercy and enlightenment without whom we would be doomed to hell and darkness. We know right from wrong and proper from improper. We don’t need or want you to teach us YOUR way of Islam.

It is time we have to speak out. If we don’t do it today, we won’t be able to do it tomorrow. Because there will be no tomorrow as our country descends into 7th century Arabia.


Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Newsday.com - Dems Criticize Bush, Omit Facts Sometimes

Associated Press Writer

December 9, 2003, 8:18 PM EST

WASHINGTON -- The Democratic presidential candidates criticized President Bush's record on the economy and fighting terrorism in a debate Tuesday night, but some of their jabs left out important facts.
Sen. Joe Lieberman declared it would take a Democratic president to "get this economy going," but the economy has been gaining momentum over the last several months since Bush's second tax cut took effect.

Weekly claims for unemployment insurance have fallen since April, and economic growth and productivity in the third-quarter reached 20-year highs.

Two of the candidates used a favorite attack line against Bush -- Lieberman said "3.5 million people have lost their jobs" and Howard Dean said "3 million jobs lost are 3 million too many" -- but their statements also ignored the improving economy.

It is true that about 3 million jobs were lost during the early months of the Bush presidency. But that trend has been reversing for several months as the jobless rate has dropped from a peak of 6.4 percent in June to 5.9 percent last month.

Several of the nine Democrats attacked the tax cuts Bush pushed through Congress. But none mentioned that Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, who has served both Republican and Democratic presidents, has cited those cuts as a reason for the recent growth of the economy.

"Economic activity perked up in late spring and then accelerated further this summer as tax cuts provided a substantial booth," Greenspan said recently.

Both Wesley Clark and Dean accused Bush of "not fighting terrorism." Although al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden remains at large, the administration's war has substantially thinned the ranks of his network, including the arrest earlier this year of Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. The administration also has thwarted dozens of attacks through increased cooperation with allies.

On the Iraq front, Dean declared "I think we need to bring in foreign troops," suggesting Americans have been going it alone. While some big Western allies, like Germany and France, have refused to provide troops for Iraq, the campaign has received thousands of troops from the likes of Britain, Poland, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Denmark and Ukraine.

NATO countries have sent about 24,000 soldiers, compared to 130,000 U.S. troops.

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